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Human being

Pittacus: Philosophy quotes

How can we find a suitable person?  If you are looking for such person with a prejudice, you won’t be able to find such person.

Anacharsis: Philosophy quotes

If you ask me, what is good or bad in the person, i answer you: “A tongue”.

Biant: Philosophy quotes

What is sweet for a person? – A hope.

Pythagoras: Philosophy quotes

It isn’t important, what people think about you. You should do the things that you think to be fair. You should be indifferent equal to blame and to praise.

The gods regretted soon that they created a person. We did the same. People regretted that they created the gods.

A citizen without a property doesn’t have a fatherland.

Buddha: Philosophy quotes

It didn’t exist, won’t exist and doesn’t exist a person, who is worth only a blame or a praise.

Confucius: Philosophy quotes

A person makes his own way, but not the way makes a person.   

Antisthenes: Philosophy quotes

You shouldn’t disregard your enemies. They are the first, who see your mistakes.

Aristippus: Philosophy quotes

One man, who boasted of extensive knowledge, Aristippus said: “If a man eats much, he doesn’t become healthier than a man, who is satisfied only with necessary things. The same thing is with a scholar. A scholar isn’t a man, who reads much, but a man, who reads with a utility.”

Aristotle: Philosophy quotes

What a man is in a potential, it is his work in a reality.

Epicurus: Philosophy quotes

You should always have a new book in your library; you should always have a full bottle in your cellar and a fresh flower in your garden.

We prize our character as our property, so we should prize a character of other people.

A noble person is always busy with a friendship and wisdom. The first one is a mortal good; the second one is an immortal good.

Xun Zi: Philosophy quotes

People like and hate the same things. But there are much people that have desires and there are too little things.

Han Fei: Philosophy quotes

It don’t exist gates for misfortune and happiness. They are created by a man.

Cicero: Philosophy quotes

A person is given birth to contemplate a world, to reflect and to act according to it. A person isn’t perfect, but he is a part of perfection.

Augustine: Philosophy quotes

An evil man injures himself earlier than he harms the others.

A man is a huge chasm. It is easy to count his hairs than his feelings and the motions of his heart.

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If you ask me, what is good or bad in the person, i answer you: “A tongue”.