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Cicero: Philosophy quotes

Paper wonít blush.

When weapon speaks, the laws keep silence.

Old habits die hard.

It is pleasant to remember difficulties, when they are over.

Titus Lucretius Carus: Philosophy quotes

You cannot do anything from nothing.

Seneca: Philosophy quotes

It is better to learn more than necessary than to learn nothing.

Vices are learned well without a master.

You should use your ears more often than your tongue.

Envy of other people shows how they are unhappy. Their continual attention to othersí behavior shows how they are boring.

Blame from bad people is the same as praise.

You can know something about your talents, only when you use them in practice.

Alcoholism is a voluntary madness.

Boethius: Philosophy quotes

A vice doesnít remain without a punishment, because to be vicious  is already a punishment.

Firdausi: Philosophy quotes

When an arrow is crooked, she cannot hit the aim.

A custom of the world is so that we donít see in a sea of mysteries the shores.

Al-Maʿarri: Philosophy quotes

You should test human views and bitterness reaches your lips.

Al-Maʿarri: Philosophy quotes

When you beg your fortune to become friends, she turns suddenly your back.

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Paper wonít blush.