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Periander: Philosophy quotes

Who wants to govern quiet, he shouldn’t protect himself with spears, but with universal love.

Pittacus: Philosophy quotes

A person should be revealed through the power.

Solon: Philosophy quotes

You rose these people yourself, supported them and that is why you suffer from slavery and shame.

Chilon: Philosophy quotes

Who is powerful, should be kind to other people that could be respected and couldn’t be afraid.

Pythagoras: Philosophy quotes

It is the same danger to give a mad person a sword and a dishonest person a power.

Schang Yang: Philosophy quotes

You should not forget about the law even for one moment, you should weaken the adherents and conquer the public speakers. You should suppress all discussions and arguments and govern only according to the law.

When people are stupid, they are easy to govern.

Aristotle: Philosophy quotes

Many authorities aren’t good. It should be only one, who governs.

Xun Zi: Philosophy quotes

It is better to give people the possibility to get a profit and only than to take away the part of it than doesn’t give people a possibility to get a profit and only take away the profit from the people.

It is asked: “How a state should be governed?” I answer: “wise and talented people need to be put in the forefront positions independent from their status and origins; the lazy and unable people should be immediately removed from their positions.”

A ruler could be compared with a boat and people cold be compared with a water. The water could carry a boat, but it could also throw down this boat.

Han Fei: Philosophy quotes

When a wise ruler governs a state, he cannot suppose that people will do the good things to him, but he uses people so that they couldn’t do the bad things.

Plutarch: Philosophy quotes

Small mistakes seem bigger, if they are showed in the behavior of people, whom the power belongs. 

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A person should be revealed through the power.