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Thales: Philosophy quotes

What is difficult? It is difficult to learn something about yourself.

Laozi: Philosophy quotes

If you hope to easiness, you will get certainly many difficulties.

You can learn something about other people by yourself.

Pythagoras: Philosophy quotes

What is the most veritable? People are bad.

If you are asked, what is more ancient than gods? It is fear and hope.

You should learn something about other people. Knowledge of people is more comfortable and essential than knowledge of gods.

Democritus: Philosophy quotes

Either nothing is true or we donít know the truth.

To ask about cause of things is the same as to look for the beginning of eternity.

There are two kinds of knowledge. The first one is veritable way and the second one is dark. To the dark way belong all following kinds of knowledge: eye-sight, sense of hearing, sense of smell, taste, and sense of touch. The true knowledge distinguishes from this one very much. When the dark way of knowledge is not able to see small things, is not able to hear, to taste, to smell any more, but the research should reach more inaccessible level of knowledge that couldnít be reached with perception, you should use the veritable way of knowledge. This kind of knowledge has keener cognitive organ in thinking.

There are two kinds of knowledge: the first one is because of our senses and the second one is because of thought.

Plato: Philosophy quotes

When we try to look for the unknown, we are getting better in comparison with people, who think that the unknown cannot be found and it isnít worth to seek.

Aristotle: Philosophy quotes

Seriousness is destroyed with a laugh and the laugh is destroyed with something serious.

Han Fei: Philosophy quotes

There is something that intellect cannot learn; there is something that force cannot raise; there is something that power cannot beat.

There are parts of the whole that is known as a human knowledge. These parts help us to comprehend that these parts create the knowledge.

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What is difficult? It is difficult to learn something about yourself.